What You Should Do If Tenants Left Junk Behind? – Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Coquitlam

Most tenants leave junk behind when relocating and this gives landlords a headache as they don’t know what to do with trash left. The following are some of the essential things you should do before you destroy the things they left behind.

The first thing you have to know is that whether the renter left for good or he will come back. After establishing that the tenant left for good, you should communicate to them in writing that they are supposed to collect their stuff. You may write to them using the email they gave while they were renting and give them 24 hrs ultimatum upon its expiry you are free to get in and dispose of the stuff. This is vital as it will show that you communicated to them if they take you to court.

After elapse of 24hrs ultimatum, you should move in and make sure that the tenant has no entry to the house again. This can be caused by changing locks to make sure that they are locked out just in case they have a spare key. Then it is advisable that you record everything that was left behind for documentation and reference. You may do this by taking the pictures.

After doing that you have the rightful owner of the properties that were left behind. You are free to handle it as you wish. Mostly, landlords call evacuation companies like ours to come and clear the stuff so that the property can be rented again. When you contact Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal, we respond on time, and we do the best job.

Upon getting to the house, we separate the stuff into two. We divide stuff that is important and those which can be given as donations from stuff which are of no use. We put the right things at the front to ease the offloading at the donation center. It is, therefore, recommendable that you contact us next time your tenant leaves you with a mess to handle. We have helped others before, and we are sure to help you.

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