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Overgrown Bramble Problem?

Don’t Let Blackberries Grow Wild

If you’ve ever tried DIY blackberry bush removal, you know just how prickly the project can be. This invasive species is a menace to residential and commercial outdoor spaces alike, smothering native foliage as it overtakes the entire area.

Big Phil’s has all the specialty tools, materials, and experience needed to quickly and efficiently remove them all. Plus, we work fast–what we do in 2 hours takes other companies a day or more.

Take Back Your Space

Client's yard overgrown with blackberry bushes in Langley, BC Empty yard space after Big Phil's Rubbish Removal team removed blackberry bushes.

5-Star Service


“Today we had Phil & Mike come to remove overgrown blackberries from our backyard. We could not believe how quick and efficient they were and we are so very happy with the end result. We gained back about 20ft of backyard! They were personable, professional and cleaned up everything. We would definitely use Big Phil’s again!”

Melissa Prohaska

Why Is Blackberry Bush Removal So Difficult?

Thorns like the ones you see in the image to the left are hidden beneath the leaves, which can tear skin and clothes if pulling at the bushes unprepared.

Not only that but they also take over their surrounding area quickly, so the bushes can get out of hand before you know it. As blackberry removal experts, our team here at Big Phil’s can cut away and haul off all the pesky brambles so you don’t have to!

More Landscape Transformations

Invasive blackberry bushes covering someone's property entirely in Vancouver, BC An empty yard after blackberry brambles have been removed in Vancouver
Blackberry Bushes taking over a backyard in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada A clean backyard after overgrown blackberry bushes were removed by Big Phil's team.


Reclaim your yard without lifting a finger.

Tangled blackberry bushes completely covering someone's land in Surrey, BC A yard entirely open and free of overgrowth after blackberry bush removal in Surrey, BC


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