Some things are just too big for you to move on your own. However, don’t let yourself be at the mercy of these behemoths. Instead, contact Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal, and our professional junk haulers will be able to remove those large items in no time at all!

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When you can’t lift a heavy item on your own, how will you ever get it to move? Of course, the answer is finding more people to help you out. Your first thought might be to call up your friends or family members to assist with this heavy lifting. However, this can be a frustrating process as well. The people you know stay as busy as you do, which means it can be difficult to line up everyone’s schedules. Even if you do manage to rope together a makeshift crew, what happens if your group winds up dropping the heavy item after all? Are you protected in the case of personal injury or property damage? Instead of taking on risks and using up all your free time, contact Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal instead. We are a fully insured junk removal company that will happily take on heavy item removal projects for you! Count on us to haul your bulky objects away whether you’re in Maple Ridge, BC or another nearby location!


The removal of bulky items is no easy feat. In many cases, a lone individual won’t be able to get it done. Even if you find someone who can help, you might wind up with a sore back or aching muscles due to poor form and physical exhaustion. Instead of putting yourself in a situation where you’ll be in pain, choose Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal, and you won’t regret it. Our team spends all week hauling heavy items off our customers’ properties. As a result, there’s virtually nothing that’s too large for us to carry away. Need our help with large furniture removal? We’ll practically make your sofas, dressers, and wardrobes vanish before your very eyes. How about large appliance removal? Sure—we’d be happy to haul away your bulky refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and driers as well! And even though the work is tough, you can count on us to keep on smiling till the end of your appointment!

There are unique challenges involved with bulky item disposal. For example, you might want us to haul something up or down a flight of stairs. This process requires extra caution, so we’ll take it slow and literally take things one step at a time. Sometimes, we will even use equipment to help with the large item removal process. Strapping your heavy object onto a moving dolly is a surefire way to make it easier to remove. We’ll be able to roll it out your front door and towards our truck in a timely manner like this!

You might think that the removal of big items means there will be big prices involved. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal is known for having low prices, and we’re excited to treat you to them next. What you pay is simply based on the amount of truck space your junk uses up. As you can see, choosing us, a locally owned and minority-owned business, is a great way to save cash. The “big box” companies cost more because they have to send a cut of their profits to some board of managers you’ll never meet.


  1. Large items require lots of truck space. Because of this, we’ll make sure we empty out the truck before we arrive. Expect us to be there right on time and completely prepared to serve you!
  2. Guide us to the large item, accept our upfront quote, and stand back! We’re about to lift up the unwanted item and haul it out your door. We’ll take care not to knock against the walls.
  3. We’ll carefully load the large item onto our truck, then ask for your payment. We never add hidden fees to your final bill, so you’ll pay the same amount you agreed to earlier.
  4. After your appointment, we’ll need to dispose of your large item. We’ll take it to a nearby landfill for you so you can stay home. How will you spend the rest of the day?


If your unwanted large item has been taking up space for too long, you’d probably like to get rid of it sooner rather than later. Well, we have great news. We provide same-day and next-day appointments, so if you want one, contact us today and let us know about it.

There are two different ways to get started with us. The first option is our online booking. The second option is calling us at 778-900-5292. No matter how you schedule your appointment, expect to speak with friendly neighbors that are excited to haul away your junk!


Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!