Spring Cleaning With Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal Langley


Getting motivated can be quite tricky at times. Especially when it comes to dealing with the smelly junk. But, Crank the music because spring has sprung and it’s time to get things done! Here are some productive tips and tricks to get ready for your junk disposal spring cleaning:

Soak up the sun

With winter finally gone and no more of that horrible cold snow. It feels great to soak up some vitamin D while drinking your coffee. Taking a few minutes in the morning to allow the sunshine on your face is an excellent reminder that the sunny days are here. Take as much time in the sun as you need to get the day started.

One room at a time

It may seem very productive at the moment. But, doing multiple places at the same can become overwhelming and stressful. Remind yourself to slow down because it’s not a competition and you don’t want to hurt yourself. So allow yourself enough time to make it happen. Select a room, and just get started. Once the room is completed, relax and credit yourself to acknowledge that you are done well. Then, when you’re ready, move on to the next area.

Purchase some flowers or a plant

It can be tough to keep plants alive, especially if you have a busy life with work, kids, and pets. So, flowers that are meant to have a short lifespan would be suggested. Or, even plants that don’t need much attention, this can add some liveliness to your home boosting your mood positively. There are many perks to having plants in your home including to help you think and focus.

Break it down into bite-sized chunks

Looking for a cluttered room and noticing a whole lot that needs to be completed can be unmotivating. How to resolve this is by breaking down each task within the room into smaller sections. Also, you can divide the room into quadrants. From there, pinpoint the smaller functions in each quadrant to be tackled. Create a list. As you and anyone else helping finish the portion of the list, cross them off. Before you know it, the room will be spic and span! Don’t forget to give yourself credit for the fantastic job done. We hope you have found some useful ideas or help motivate you to get started on your spring cleaning. Don’t let donation or dump trips slow you down in spring cleaning. Contact Big Phil’s Rubbish Removal for inside or outside junk. 778-771-4222

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