Rent A Dumpster Or Hire A Junk Removal Company?

It does not matter if you are completing a renovation project, new construction, cleanout, and other projects there will be a great deal of waste built up. Renting a dumpster is needed for the job. You may be wondering if it is better to rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company. There are some differences between them, and you can find out which one best fits your needs.

Renting a Dumpster

When you are looking to get rid of the debris on your own, you can rent a dumpster. All you need to do is contact a dumpster rental company and select the size you need. They will drop it off at your location, you will fill it up, and the company will come and take it away.

Depending on the town that you live in, you may need to get a permit. The rental company can help you with this as well.

Roll off dumpsters come in different sizes including 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards being the most common. When you rent a dumpster, the yards will be considered cubic yards which will determine the amount of junk the trash can hold.

Keep in mind that a 10-yard dumpster is a portion of food for a shed cleanout, and the 40-yard dumpster is needed for larger projects such as re-roofing a home. The rental company can help you select the size that will be right for your job.

Dumpster sizes you can choose from:

  • 10 yard
  • 20 yard
  • 30 yard
  • 40 yard

Many companies are turning to eco-friendly ways to remove waste. You may need recycling containers for your debris. This is necessary for cleans loads where the material can be recycled such as concrete or even asphalt shingles.

Once the dumpster is filled up it is going to be very heavy. You need to consider weight when looking at dumpsters. You need to make sure your driveway is protected, and you cannot exceed the weight limit of the dumpster container.

Protect Against Damage

A roll off dumpster weights several tons when it is filled up with debris. A layer of shingles off a roof that is 1,500 square feet can easily weight around 2 tons or 4,000 pounds. This heavy load may damage patios, yards, and even asphalt.

Many companies will recommend playing plywood or 2 x 4s under the dumpster when they drop it off to help prevent damage.

Weight Restrictions:

Dumpster rental companies enforce weight restrictions on their dumpsters. This is based on the regulations as well as the landfill fees when dumping the material. If you go over the weight limit, you may have to pay additional taxes.

When renting a dumpster be sure you understand all fees and restrictions. You should tell the company about your project and what the trash will be used for. It is a good idea to overestimate the load, so you do not go over the restriction limits.

Option #2: Hiring a Junk Removal Service

A junk removal company can help with cleanouts, construction debris, and another rubbish removal. They will take care of all the moving and the lifting.

Hiring a rubbish removal company is easy. You will schedule the date, pay, and enjoy a clean space. The cost of the service will be determined by the debris you need to be removed. You can even get a free on-site estimate.

Junk removal services can do heavy lifting such as appliances and can remove large amounts of debris. They will be careful to make sure they do not damage anything.

The majority of the companies will recycle the material they remove. They may donate gently used items to local charities and provide a tax-deductible receipt for you.

When to Rent a Dumpster:

  • When you need to load the container over time (usually within a week)
  • You do not mind lifting items yourself.
  • You need to remove at least seven cubic yards of debris.

When to Hire a Junk Removal Company:

  • You want someone to do the heavy lifting for you
  • The job needs to be done quickly.
  • You only have a couple of large items that need to be removed.
  • You are willing to pay someone to remove your junk from a central area.

Cost of Renting a Dumpster vs. a Junk Removal Service

The cost will depend on several factors including your location, the volume of the debris, the duration of the project, and other things. Junk removal services often cost more since you need to pay for labor.

The exception to this is smaller cleanout projects such as removing a refrigerator. For example :

You are looking to get rid of an old couch and some smaller boxes. The dumpster rental company will charge you $250 for a 10-yard dumpster, and the junk removal service will charge $125 to remove these items. In this case, they cost less.

You do not have enough items for the volume of the dumpster. The dumpster is cost-effective for larger projects.

Junk Removal Coquitlam There are some costs associated with using these company. They are national averages to give you an idea of what the services will costs. The cost will depend on your location, additional fees for disposal, permits, and project details.

Average Dumpster Rental fees:

  • The 10-yard dumpster is $277
  • The 20-yard dumpster is $360
  • The 30-yard dumpster is $450
  • The 40-yard dumpster is $490

Junk Removal Service fees:

  • The minimum charge ranges between $50 and $125
  • Household junk $200
  • Construction debris: $300 to $330
  • Yard waste: $250

The cost is higher in big cities, and the distance the company has to travel will affect the price as well.

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