There are many ideas you could try to turn junk into cash, but there are two that are most preferred that you might want to know about. The first option is hiring an established junk removal company to help you with the whole process. In this case, the junk remover gives you an estimate, and the advantage is that they always show up on time and their service is efficient and quick.
You could also try the second option, which includes inspecting your junk before you throw what is not needed away. With this method, you will discover that you have treasure troves that lay in your garbage that could turn into money. Although it may take more time to separate what is valuable from the junk, this method does not require any investment, and you get to keep all the proceeds you get.

Upload sorted items on Craigslist

Craigslist or Kijiji is your go-to platform when you want to sell old items, so when you sort out junk and separate valuable items from trash, your next action should be posting the items on Craigslist or Kijiji. Share photos of the items and choose the categories under which they fall to increase chances of people coming across them. There are many other online platforms where you can sell your old items, but Craigslist or Kijiji tends to be a better choice as users there know what to expect and will not complain when you share old things you are selling.

Dispose of second-hand stores

Some stores deal in second-hand items that you can sell all the valuable things you separate from your trash. If you are working with junk haulers, most of them probably know where to take the items to get some payment. You should also strive to look for the best stores in your area that can accept your old items. To show you how much junk could be valuable, here are a couple of short stories you may find incredible.

Tiffany Mirror

On the T.V Show “Antique Roadshow”, a man bought an old mirror at mere $2 from a garage sale, and it later turned out the mirror was a genuine Tiffany mirror dating back to 1905 when Tiffany first came to business. The same mirror would later appraise at $35K, which was a rate of return that you can only think of as a joke. In a similar case in Philadelphia in 2006 at a yard sale, a man who had bought a painting was shocked to discover that the piece was original work of art done by artist John Kenseth in the 19th century. It fetched $100K. Another Kenseth’s also sold at more than 300K, and the last price was never disclosed, which could mean it gave a tidy sum. These are among many other cases out there that include turning junk into cash, and serious money for that matter. After you have separated your junk and collected your profit, contact Big Phil' Rubbish Removal to haul away the remaining waste or more. Call us to at 778-771-4222 Coquitlam Junk Removal Big Phil's Rubbish Removal Coquitlam 2929 Barnett Hwy Coquitlam, BC V3B 5R5 778-900-5292